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> Professional Electrification (electrical wiring):

wiringWe have a team of qualified electrical engineers that can provide you with a state-of-the-art electrical wiring that best suites your domestic, office/commercial and industrial needs. In as much as we give you a high quality electrical wiring (fully protected against surge and lightening); we also try as muh as possible to bring the cost down to the lowest minimum. We ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

> Power Backup Solutions (Inverter/UPS systems):

backupWe provide world class efficient/renewable energy solutions and ensure customers' peace of mind through best business practices, credible skills, support systems and readiness to accept responsibilities.

We offer a power backup system that enables your machines and equipments stay up-and-running even when the external sources of power supply are cut off.

> Renewable Energy Systems (Solar and Wind power generation):

backupWe make use of freely available energies from the sun and the wind to generate electrical power supply that can be used for residencial, commercial and industrial applications. Examples include; Power supply for your home or office environment, solar water heater system for hospitals, hotels and restaurants, solar water pump system for various purposes including agricultural farms and community water projects.



>> Solar Power Systems.

solarOur solar power systems have helped thousands of people take advantage of free and clean energy from the sun. A solar power system can be used in residential, commercial and industrial arenas to power a wide range of home/office appliances, computers and communication equipments. Our kits/systems are designed to make installation simple and tidy. And since they are modular, your system is never absolute. We make it easy for you to expand your system(s) by adding components at your convenience.

>> Wind Power Systems.

A wind power system is a clean and sustainable energy source that can be relied on. A wind turbine creates a renewable, reliable, cost-effective and pollution-free enrgy which can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

borehole>> Solar Borehole Systems.

We offer solar-powered standalone borehore systems that best suit your needs for; (1) community water projects, (2) agricultural farm water supply for irrigationg and animal rearing purposes (3) domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.

>> Street Light Systems.

Our high quality solar street lights are suitable for commercial environments, residential streets, parking lots and security lighting. The applications of our solar powered outdoor lighting systems are only limited to your power of imagination.